Chairs Report Q2, 2017 – Q2, 2020

Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group

Chair’s Report

Save Bridge Park Campaign

June 2017 – June 2020


  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Summary
  3. Legal Timeline
  4. Minutes
  5. PR and Marketing
  6. Press and Media
  7. Community Engagement
  8. Fundraising
  9. Finance/Administration
  10. Press Release


Harlesden Peoples Community Council (HPCC) the original founders of Bridge Park still exists. However HPCC resigned all their involvement in Bridge Park and Brent Council formally took over control of the centre. In June 2017, Brent Council made a decision to attempt to sell the land and site to foreign developers called:

General Mediterranean Holdings (GMH) with Sir Nadhmi Auchi (Chairman & CEO) (

What followed was a huge outcry from the Community. HPCC as a group decided they were not in a position to be involved, so Leonard Johnson Founder of Bridge Park was asked to personally call the community together in response to the sale. A new team of Bridge Park Community Council (BPCC) was formed, and “The Save Bridge Park Campaign” Steering Group began researching.. In a meeting each member of HPCC personally endorsed BPCC and its leadership as their successors, to take forward the interests and all matters in relation to Bridge Park Land and site. However, given HPCC’s wealth of historic knowledge and the fact they had direct involvement in the purchase, development and management of the site, BPCC asked HPCC to share any information and evidence they held so we could put the events and case together, also that HPCC to be our main key witnesses in the court case to the events between 1980 – to date. To this end BPCC from time to time asked HPCC members to sometimes attend with us key meetings in an advisory capacity.

In terms of structures, HPCC is a Unincorporated Association which is effectively a group of people coming together as a co-operative of people under one name. BPCC Steering Group have this same structure. However, an Unincorporated Association is unable to own property or take court action in its own name (these structures are further explained at the end of this document).

To solely take forward the defence of the legal case and to temporarily hold any asset(s) won on behalf of the community, BPCC setup our special purpose vehicle called Stonebridge Community Trust (HPCC) Ltd – a company limited by Guarantee with Charitable objects (“SCT”) is our incorporated entity, a limited company. SCT will only temporarily hold any assets won, these will immediately transfer to our Full Corporate Charity to be established by BPCC with new Independent trustees to be voted in by public community vote. This is the vehicle, for the community in perpetuity (forever) and BPCC will seek that this time it is both registered on the Land Title and enshrined in Law.

BPCC Steering Group was formed in July 2017. BPCC is made up of members from the local community, technically skilled volunteers, both long standing business people, Users of the Bridge Park and wider community. BPCC intend to setup also to setup the Full Charity (CIO), to hold the Bridge Park development assets after our successful case, along with the outcome of any interim negotiations with Brent. The Charity will need to take into account the legal outcomes and settlement outcomes so cannot be setup too early.

Since July 2017 BPCC were acting in support of a smaller group from the community, however on December 9th, 2018 a full public community meeting was held at Bridge Park. HPCC also attended and publically endorsed BPCC and its leadership to continue to take forward the matters in relation to Bridge Park including creating a self-sustaining updated vision, community engagement and leading the legal strategy. This was then put to a poll vote by the community and made available on our website ( for the crowds unable to fit into Bridge Park or attend on the day. BPCC received its full community mandate on that day, in attendance were the Radio, National and local News Press, along with a number of well-known celebrities, our MP and Cllrs and Community groups. We were now appointed the official successors to HPCC in all matters relating to Bridge Park.

We commit to represent the community and prevent the sale of Bridge Park Land and assets also known as Land on the south-west side of Brentfield Road, Stonebridge, Willesden, by Brent Council, with the following strategic aims and objectives:

1.1 Aims: Outcome:
i. To gather evidence and research the Bridge Park Story.




ii. To establish legal arrangements and make arguments to establish the validity of the community interest in the land.



– HPCC appointed BPCC Steering Group its successor in relation to Bridge Park community admin matters

– HPCC transferred its legal and beneficial interest on behalf of the Community to Stonebridge Community Trust Ltd (A company limited by guarantee with charitable objects).


iii. To return the Bridge Park land to rightful community ownership and control.


Restriction (RX1) application accepted and Brent’s response. Court action in progress.
iv. To create a self-sustainable vision for Bridge Park land as a legacy for the community in perpetuity. See Bridge Park Vision Centre of Excellence:




1.2 Objectives

(The main objectives of the Strategic Plan):



i. To secure the legacy assets of the former “Harlesden Peoples Community Council” (HPCC) namely, the Bridge Park Complex building (s) and Land on the South-Side of Brentfield Road, Stonebridge , London, for the benefit and improvement of the local Community.


Court action pending
ii. To lead in the creation, implementation and support of the strategic plan to enable the local community to own, develop and manage the asset.



· See Bridge Park Vision Centre of Excellence:




iii. To put in place Short, Medium and Long term strategies for the implementation of the Community Plan to achieve the objectives.


The plan shall be produced with due consideration for the needs of all the residents and businesses in the area, now and in the future. To ensure the plan will seek to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the area and those residents within it.








See 1.3 Strategic Plan (below)


iv. To achieve the objectives in co-operation with the “London Borough of Brent” Council.


Best endeavours (ongoing)

Strategic Plan

Short term Plan

  • To show the “London Borough of Brent” that we have an interest in the land, and to therefore suspend the sale of the Land and property known as “Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre”.
  • To secure the Community interest in the Land and property by means of legal and political actions.
  • To develop a self-sustaining Centre of Excellence providing educational, social, well-being and commercial facilities.
  • To encourage all parties to engage in ADR, Mediation or Arbitration as opposed to litigation with a view of coming to an agreement in relation to the Community’s interest in the said Land and Property.

Medium term Plan

  • To enable a trust to be successor to HPCC.
  • To form a charitable organisation and/or an LLP such as a CIO to hold all assets.
  • To form a Limited Liability Company to work alongside the CIO under the same umbrella.
  • To manage and co-ordinate a plan that is representative of the Community’s view.
  • To co-ordinate effective engagement with members of the Community, and established groups.
  • To decide how best to effectively communicate findings needed for the various phases of the process.
  • To produce appropriate timetable and delivery of mechanism for the plan.

Long Term Plan

  • To continue to develop and implement ideas and strategies on behalf of and in conjunction with the community to improve the Social, Economic, Commercial and Environmental well-being of the area and the residents within it, in a self-sustaining manner.


SCT Legal Summary to Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group

(Document prepared on 8th February 2019, by Chair Jay Mastin, Chair and Shirley Wilson, Co-ordinator – Presented Wed 20th February 2019 at BPCC Steering Group meeting).

June 2017

  • Leonard Johnson, HPCC Chair, patron and founder provided the BPCP group at the time with the following documents:
  • Stonebridge Bus Garage Progress Report 1982
  • ‘It Can Be Done’ bookletTwo public meetings were held on 4th and 11th June 2017, where the community gave their views as to the development of the site, and CLSA.
  • LJ invited JM, SW and others to a meeting held by Bridge Park Community Project, BPCP, chaired by Denham Coates at Bridge Park.
  • MB, BPCC legal counsel joined the group and sourced a copy of the Covenant document.

July 2017

  • Legal advice sought from Colin Jacques of DWFM Beckman, London W1 as pro bono and paid fixed fees- JM/MB/SW/LJ attended the first meeting in July 2017.
  • BPCP decided against supporting the newly formed position by JM/LJ/MB/SW.
  • Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group formed by JM, with the principal aim towards taking legal action, on behalf of the community.
  • LJ and others agreed SW as Chair of the Meetings held weekly.
  • Lawyer advised the group to make an application to restrict the sale of Bridge Park land via the Land Registry, following the legal opinion which was sought by our lawyers from Senior Counsel, Chancery Division (Roger Bartlett).
  • The application was made for an RX1 by our lawyers, to restrict the sale.
  • Brent denied the claim.
  • Our barrister, Stephen Cottle, QC, wrote our defence for the restriction application, although he was unable to provide a full opinion due to the lack of lack of tangible evidence.
  • Our lawyer advised that Leonard Johnson was the best name to put on the application to restrict because of the lack of evidence to support the alternatives.
  • Community and business database established.

January 2018

  • Historical evidence of HPCC received from Mike Wilson-Red Box contents shared with Jay Mastin via email – December /January 2018 (Evidence attached)
  • Due to the lack of evidence to support the acquisition of £4 million for the value of the land, and £8 million raised to develop the land, our QC was unable to give an opinion to support the application to restrict.
  • The Land Registry accepted our application and the RX1 was registered. (Evidence attached)
  • Brent Council refused offers of mediation, negotiation and ADR.
  • Stonebridge Community Trust and the Land Registry offered Tribunal but, Brent Council refused, instead giving an ultimatum that we remove the RX1 otherwise the matter would be taken to High Court.

October – November 2017

  • Several BPCC members attended a series of meetings held by Brent Council to inform the community of their planned proposals with GMH.

February 2018

  • Brent Council lawyers issued a Letter before Action.
  • Jay Mastin and Mikey B, took the lead on researching further and extracting evidence from a range of sources. That allowed us to put a fuller story together to support Leonard Johnson’s memory of events.
  • Mike B used his legal knowledge to guide us as to where the evidence gathered could be utilised.
  • Brent Council is now pressured, because the Conditional Land Sale Agreement CLSA has a two-year completion date, June 2019. They are approaching their deadline. A trial date is at least 6 to 18 months away, which will take Brent beyond their June 2019 completion deadline.
  • Brent Council have decided not to put any meaningful evidence into the case. (Evidence attached)
  • They have repeatedly tried to gain access to our evidence, which we have blocked on each occasion.

December 2018

  • A public meeting was held on 9th December, 2018, where over 800 members of the community attended to hear an update from Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group on the legal challenge, and to garner further community support.

LEGAL TIMELINE June 2017 – March 2020

6 January 2020 am

HPCC meeting to discuss her Patricia Grace Guthrie’s Application to the High Court to challenge our legal defence and join as a third defendant, in the case brought by Brent Council.

6 January 2020 pm

HPCC meeting with Jay Mastin to get an update on the court case strategy with Brent; end period financial reports; and to discuss his role as the public spokesperson.

7 January 2020

HPCC/BPCC Pre-mediation meeting with our barrister.

10 January 2020

HPCC/BPCC Mediation meeting with Brent Council. Hogan Lovells have offered to host at their offices in Chancery Lane. The independent mediator is agreed as Iain Travers.

Outcome of the mediation: Both sides could not come to agreement during the day, so Mediation postponed to a future date.

11 January 2020

Evidence in answer to the Application by Patricia Grace Guthrie’s related allegations served to the High Court, by 4pm on 11 January 2020

6 February 2020

Patricia Grace Guthrie Application hearing at the High Court to join as a Third Applicant– Service of the Order to attend dated 14th November 2019.

23rd – 25th March 2020

Appeal hearing at the High Court in relation to the charitable trust argument. Depending on the outcome, the case will go forward to trial, between July – November 2020, at the High Court.


Meeting minutes are the written or recorded documentation that is used to inform attendees and non-attendees about what was discussed or what happened during a meeting. These should be treated as confidential to BPCC/ HPCC/ SCT attendees and members.

We wish to thank all those who attended meetings and contributed time and resources to the positive development of this campaign.


The PR and Marketing team has been led by Cheryl Phoenix, Volunteer, which has underpinned the public relations, fundraising, flyers, management of the social media accounts, which has seen very favourable community support

A list of the BPCC PR, Marketing, Fundraising and wider Community Engagement Campaigns carried out since – JANUARY 2018:

  • You Tube videos
  • Public Meeting Date/Location/Content/Timing/Speakers/Visuals
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Acct *
  • Go Fund Me Account – Monitor *
  • Mailchimp information sharing – numbers on Contacts List *
  • WhatsApp – engage with videos*
  • Website – provide community engagement opportunities *
  • Troops numbers – increase to 500 sign-ups *
  • Share The Vision *
  • Move Beyond Brent! *
  • Engage the Press – Kilburn Times/The Guardian/Wembley Matters *
  • Leaflets printed – (5000) delivery*
  • Website – legal position*
  • Executive summary document
  • Sponsorship for booklets, t-shirts, leaflets
  • Print ‘It Can Be Done’ book

Actions leading up to BPCC Public meeting: April 2018 – December 2018

MOBILISE THE COMMUNITY – ‘The Case for ‘Legal War!’’

Action Outcome
HPCC Fraud Allegations/Past Issues PUBLIC MEETING 9/12/18


Community Radio stations interviews Share BPCC interview for looping on stations
Radio London interview Dutton Adebayo Show


Engage with other groups Otis Roberts (Jason Roberts Foundation), New Life Church, COGOP Church, WNTCG Church, Brent Cllrs, Harlesden Forum, Bridge Park Tenants Assoc, various Bridge Park Users Groups, well known Celebrities and others…….


Identify Strengths/Weaknesses of the Campaign Case


SWOT Analysis
Public Meeting 9th December 2018


Community Radio stations support Omega Radio, Roots FM, Galaxy Radio, and BBC Radio London and other….


The Save Bridge Park Campaign have received positive press and media through our campaign. We wish to thank all parties for their continued support:

News links from the following The Guardian, The Voice, Kilburn Times and Wembley Matters can be found on our website at


Save Bridge Park Campaign 2017 – 2019

Community Response

In June 2017, two community meetings were held at the Bridge Park Complex, called by Leonard Johnson, to discuss the proposed disposal of the land at Land on the south-west side of Brentfield Road, Stonebridge, Willesden.

The first meeting on Sunday 4th June, 2017, was attended by Mohammed Butt, the Leader of Brent Council and Dawn Butler, Brent Central MP, and 350 community beneficiaries. The Leader declared that he would halt the sale until we had talks.

Attendees were alarmed at discovering that Brent Council were proposing a land sale deal with the owners of the UNISYS adjoining site. The deal had been made in June 2017, without consultation with the community or the public, and was due to be completed by the end of June 2019. It was a heated three-hour discourse. The community objected and made it clear to Brent that they were dissatisfied.

Following the Public Meeting, the Leader of Brent Council requested a meeting with Leonard Johnson and his community representatives. The meeting was held on 7th June 2017 at Brent Civic Centre. The Leader did not provide an agenda or minutes of the discussions. The Chief Executive, Leader, Deputy Leader, and other representatives from both the Executive and the Council were present.

The community were informed that the Conditional Land Sale Agreement (CLSA) was in place and due to be signed off at any given moment. The Community representatives raised a series of questions with the Brent Council representatives on the procedures used to establish the rights to sell the land on which the Bridge Park Complex was built, to private developers. The Community were informed by the Leader of the Council that it was within the rights of the council to dispose of any land which they held as owners. The Community representatives challenged the Council on the legal ownership due to the understanding that a covenant had been placed on the land, by the GLC, to ensure that it remained for the benefit of the community. *

It was resolved that both groups would review the position, after discussions, and a further meeting would be held in a few weeks.

A further meeting was called by the Leader of Brent Council, held at Brent Civic Centre on 16th June 2017. At that meeting, the Leader of Brent Council and officers informed the Community that they were unable to stop the Conditional Land Sale Agreement (CLSA), with GMH, which had progressed to a signing off point. Brent Council offered the Community two further sites as a compromise. One being Roundwood Centre, and another Centre based in Harlesden, along with engagement with Brent Council to support the development and management of the proposed community leisure centre. Leonard Johnson rejected the offers. *

Following that meeting, the BPCC Steering Group was formed and the campaign was formed.

The campaign has engaged a wide variety of members of the community via a website and social media to inform the community of the injustice of the local authority.

There was a Public Meeting held on Sunday 9th December 2018, where over 800 people attended to hear updates from the BPCC Steering Group on the progress of the campaign. The meeting was attended by Dawn Butler, MP, who spoke to the community about the need for the recognition of the not only the Windrush Generation, but also the legacy they left to their children. Those children who conceived the vision, sourced the funding, and developed the site, were the generation that aimed to make a difference to their community.

Community Consultation

As part of the Community Engagement Strategy, a Community Consultation Questionnaire was shared at the Public Meeting, on 9th December 2018, together with a Registration Form.

Consultation Questionnaires Results

Completed Questionnaires: 1285 respondents

The Consultation Questionnaire responses:

Did you receive or engage in a questionnaire from Brent Council?

  • 5% of respondents were not consulted in a questionnaire, while 0.5% recall a doorstep visit.

Should Brent Council be allowed to sell Bridge Park?

  • No: 100%

Should Bridge Park always remain in the hands of the community?

  • Agree: 100%

Should Brent Council observe the protective covenant schedule titled The Community Project at HMLR in 1982?

  • Agree: 100%

Do you support BPCCs vision for going to architects to assist?

  • Agree: 98%
  • Disagree: 2%

BPCC Steering Group Registration Forms completed by community beneficiaries

June 2017: 326

December 2018: 417

  • Brent Council’s most recent attempt was to ask us if we would agree to give them our evidence early for the Summary Judgement hearing on 27th February 2019. When that failed, they then asked if we would attend short notice Mediation before the 27th February 2019. They offered to pay full costs for the mediator, assuring us that we therefore would not have to make a contribution to costs.
  • Early Mediation would require us to present our evidence and legal arguments to Brent Council, prior to 27th February 2019, as part of the Mediation process.
  • Brent Council’s terms are that they will only enter the Mediation process, if they do not stay the action, in other words, they will not stop the action to Strike Out the hearing on 27th February 2019.
  • What this means for SCT and Leonard Johnson is that, should we enter Mediation, before the Summary Judgement, Brent Council will get the chance to hear our arguments early which would then give maximum advantage to Strike Out our case on 27th February 2019.

Legal Update

Summary Judgement hearing date held at the High Court – Deputy Master Rhys.

The Summary Judgement hearing on 27th February 2019, was very well attended by members of the community, on both the morning and afternoon sessions, with some attendants having travelled from Birmingham and Bristol. The day was supported by Niles Asheber Hailstones and drummers who provided a musical voice to the proceedings, outside the court.

The outcome of the of the Summary Judgement hearing on 21st March 2019, at the High Court, Deputy Master Rhys, was that SCT won the case which prevented Brent Council from Striking Out the community’s case.

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION reports covers Aug 2017 – Jan 2020:


BPCC used 3 forms for public donation fundraising, namely Go Fund Me (GFM), Paypal, and BPCC Bank Account.

Amounts raised were as follows:

  • Go Fund Me (GFM)
  • First target £10k achieved – on Thank you!
  • Then target was increased to £25k

Campaign created 16 August 2017 – to Date.

This Reported up to cover 16 Aug – Jan 2020

Total Raised £13,826 (target £25,000 goal) raised by 363 people in 25 months

Total Actually Raised (after fees) £11,297.04

Paypal (Donations and Monthly subscriptions from Community):

Started – Account created 5 January 2019 to date.

This Reported up to cover 5 Jan – Jan 2020

Total received £297.76

Our Main account

(Treasurer: R. Forbes, Deputy Treasurer: J. Mastin and Officer: G. Dyer):

Also please this use for any monthly subscriptions and public donations (direct):

HSBC, Sort: 40-04-04, Account No.: 01873474

Account Name: BPCC Steering Group

Crowdfunding site:

The Public Money was donated primarily to fight our Legal case and spent as follows:

Total Monies Received from Public:


Monies Used for Legal:
GoFundMe GFM (Adyen N.V) £ 11,297.04
Paypal £ 297.76
Cash Donations £ 1,600.00
Total Public Donations: £13,194.80
___________________________________________ _____________________
Legal Fees Paid:


Solicitor Bills: DWFM Beckman £11,000.00
Barrister: Garden Court Chambers: £ 2,900.00
Hogan Lovells (£450,000.00 of £1,000,000.00 budget) estimate to Trial. Pro Bono
Total Paid to Legal: £13,900.00
*Total Deficit

(made up by BPCC Trustees/Memebers):

-£ 705.20
Amount of Public Money that went to Legal

(Note: Our excess legal and all running costs have been paid by BPCC/ HPCC members)






(Deficit was made up from monies advanced from directors and members)

*This allows BPCC to carry a Bank Balance (as at report date) = £1331.90 (CR)

BPCC (also on behalf of HPCC and SCT) wish to thank all those who made donations to this Community cause, without you and our Legal team this campaign would not be possible.


The Chair of HPCC, and original HPCC members desire to take over the legal campaign, strategic leadership, and management of the case, to save Bridge Park from being sold to developers by Brent Council.

The BPCC SG Chair and Volunteers would like to continue, however it is fair that HPCC be allowed to do so. A landmark was achieved when we won the first Summary Judgement hearing at the High Court on 21st March 2019, which established our legal position. We achieved the impossible, and are proud of our success.

We wish to thank all BPCC SG Volunteers for their contributions and the community for their commitment and support. We hope that the public continues to support the campaign to save the land from being sold to private developers.

There will be an opportunity in the future for the community to engage with BPCC, at a Public Meeting, following the publication of the Chair’s Report.

For further information:





JUNE 2020

  • 23 March 2020 – Appeal Court agrees to hear SCT case for being allowed to make its Charitable Arguments:

On 30 July, Master Clarke accepted the local authority’s argument that as the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, MP, had not joined the proceedings, then the Charitable Trust argument had to be struck out from the defence. That result would have dealt a blow to the community campaigners’ defence.

On 13th September, leave to appeal the decision was refused by Master Clarke, so the community campaigners applied for permission to appeal this legal point to a higher Judge, resulting in this latest successful outcome.

On 6th November 2019, at the High Court Appeal Centre, the Honourable Mr. Justice Birss ruled that the community campaigners be granted permission to appeal the orders of 21st March and 13th September 2019.

At the Appeals Centre, the Honourable Mr. Justice Birss, explained that “…..the decision of the Attorney General not to join the proceedings does not prevent the community and those who represent them from maintaining a Charitable Trust argument. He concluded by saying, “.the arguments put forward as grounds of appeal on behalf of the defendants have a real as opposed to fanciful prospect of success at trial.


‘Community campaigners welcome TWO powerful decisions

in their favour’.

Feb 2020 – “Community Activist threatens Community’s Legal Defence”

In the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday Feb 6, 2020 –

Patricia Grace Guthrie a local activist based in Camden, states that she teamed up with a Daniel Galimore and Nigel Goodison, as they thought that they could fight the Save Bridge Park campaign better than BPCC (who have blocked the sale for three years and fought and won the legal case at the first key test hearing February 2019). Grace tried to persuade the High Court to let her join on behalf of her new team and she submitted privileged BPCC evidence and made erroneous statements in support.

Her legal arguments, were in effect against BPCC, so would have helped Brent to sell Bridge Park by attempting to remove our claim that:

  • HPCC were promised the Freehold (Estopple by convention),


  • of there being a Charitable Trust by the actions and method of the purchase (in 1982) demonstrated by the protective GLC covenant which Brent removed.

Fortunately, The High Court agreed with our legal position (this without making any judgement on the merits of the main case in relation to Brent and ourselves, to be heard later this hear circa July 2020). The Judge threw Grace’s arguments and case out (stating amongst other things…. that it had no basis in Law)! Brent won their costs against her. Whilst she was hostile towards BPCC/ HPCC we still persuaded our lawyers to show goodwill and not to apply for their entitled similar costs. So ONLY Brent Lawyers were awarded their costs £14,000 (within 28 days) against Patricia Grace Guthrie. We have the full backing of the Cllrs, Lawyers, Press, Public and most importantly, our Community – proof backed up by their signed and written questionnaires also a petition.

Jay Mastin, Chair, Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group (BPCC) said

“This is a very powerful decision in favour of the community. BPCC recognises the commitment from the community to support the Save Bridge Park campaign. We also recognize our accountability to the community. To that end, BPCC have produced the Chair’s Report covering the start of the campaign in June 2017, to date.

See our website:

The Current Position

The Save Bridge Park campaign lost a decision in relation to the Attorney General and being able to continue our Charitable Trust arguments in our defence. We put in an application to the High Court to appeal that decision and the costs awarded against us. Our appeal hearing was granted on 9th November 2019. This was the opening to a potentially landmark moment.

We are pleased to report that we have won our appeal hearing, and will now go on to full Trial. The win means we can take forward the charitable arguments in our defense and the Attorney General has now been joined to the Case as our 3rd defendant.

“This successful Appeal which was heard during the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, is another big step in our steady fight to victory for the Community. No one believed in our arguments but we know the story, gathered our own evidence and slowly persuaded those in the know. Bridge Park Land & Complex is unique and is the largest project of its type in Europe. I feel our fight for justice may go on to create a legal precedent. Please see our story visit us on –”.

Next Stage:

Following a hearing on the 6th July 2020 (Justice Mann) we (defendants) did not attend, the trial date will be 20th July 2020 10.30am (Michael Green QC). The case and complexity has been significantly expanded, now to a estimated case duration of 9-10 days previously 3-4 days. Format of trial will be determined by both sides w/b 13th July 2020. This will also allow a window for resumption of mediation with Brent circa Wed 15th July 2020. However, our position remains Brent are only Custodian Trustees with no right to sell the land, which is owned by the African and Caribbean community. Our primary defense arguments are as we drafted as litigants in person in Feb 2019. Which is based on there being a Charitable Trust established by the actions and events around both the purchase then development of Bridge Park circa 1982.

Jay Mastin,

Chair, BPCC Steering Group and

Director, Stonebridge Community Trust

For further information continue to visit our website:

I trust you will agree our case is unique and maybe legally exceptional, please consider supporting in our favour